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It is necessary for a client, or potential client to know what they expect out of a web site, once the sites objectives have been defined the next step should be the site planning. There are many components that need to be ready before we can start designing your web site. If you like to follow the steps explained in this page you can print a planning worksheet Right here. This will help you organize your objectives and help us design an appropriate site for your purposes.

To achieve a complete website one needs to resolve the following steps:

Planning >> Designing >>Publishing >> Promoting >>Maintenance

Here are some questions that will give you an idea of what is involved in creating a professional web site, try to find answers to these questions and you will be on your way to complete the first step in designing your own website!

•What is the purpose of your site?
• Who is your target audience?
• What is your most wanted response?
• What products and/or services will you offer?
• What type of design will you use?
• How would you like your site navigation?
• How many and what type of graphics will your site use?
• Where will you obtain your graphics? Do you need to scan, prepare or buy them?
• What graphic formats will you use?
• What fonts will you use?
• What colors you like to use?
• Do you have a LOGO?
• What type of content will your site offer?
• Where will the content come from?
• How will you gain your visitors' trust?
• How will you build your credibility?
• Will you write your own copy or hire a copywriter?
• How will you accept payment through your site?
•How will you process your orders?
How will you deliver your products or services?
• How will you collect your customers' information and store it within a database?
• How will you automate portions of your business?
• Do you have a merchant account?
• What types of scripts will you use? CGI, JavaScript?
• Will you need to hire a professional programmer to write your scripts?
• What kind of computer software will you need, do you have it?
• Where will you find the software?
• How will you decide on a domain name?
• How will you register a domain name?
• How will you host your web site?
• What should you look for in a quality web host?
• Would you like to maintain your site?
• Would you like administration suite?
• Would you want to collect email addresses?
• Would you want to send out mailings?
• How will you get traffic to your web site?
• How will you advertise your products and services?
• How will you market and promote your web site, products and/or services?
Print Worksheet

You can get help in finding answers for many of these questions in our Design Tips section.

After you have answers to all these questions…

1- Draft a specific internet business website plan by answering these questions.
2- Do a competitive analysis to assess what other companies in your industry are doing on the net, both good and bad examples.
3- Choose a domain name of your website and register it
4- Choose a hosting company that is suitable to your site needs
5-Have at least one computer literate person available.

We will be more that happy help in any question you may have. Please contact us at or visit our contact page and drop us a note.

Print Web Site Planning Worksheet to have a hard copy of these suggestions.
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